Who is HealthWorld ?

Healthworld is a medical travel company based on Turkey, İstanbul. We offer guidance, counseling and organization services to our patients from abroad and we prepare your special treatment plan with our contracted doctors to ensure to have your treatment done at the best clinics. During time your stay in Turkey, we offer special 7/24 consulting with accommodation and transfer services, also interpreter if you need in the scope of health tourism.
HealthWorld only works with high quality hospitals that are proven to be high quality by international medical associations as HealthWorld’s priority is pleasure of the patient. We do not only offer best prices to our patients, but also provide them further assistance when they need. Even after the treatments, we contact with our patients to see if they are happy with the treatment and whether they need any further assistance or not. We always try to provide our patients most affordable prices with best services that they can get.


Patient Services and Aftercare

When you become a patient of HealthWorld, you will be provided with patient service which you can reach anytime you want in a day during your stay in Turkey.
After you return to your home, we will continue providing our services to you such as calling you to ask for whether you need further assistance or to ask you whether you are satisfied with your treatment or not.
HealthWorld tries to provide its patients best treatments that they can get about hair, beard, eyebrow transplantation; PRP, finasteride, minoxidil treatments with its highly trained healthcare personnel. As our priority is to make you satisfied, we try to offer you most affordable prices with best services, best healthcare personnel and we try to get best results out of what we have.

Which Treatments Does HealthCare Offer ?

Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant is made to be the cure for hair loss. It mostly done by taking hair from the back of the head and transfer it to the bald areas of the head. This treatment is seen as hair restoration or replacement depending on the situation of the patient and the technique used for this treatment is also used for other treatments such as: Beard Transplant,Eyebrow Transplant
PRP Treatment
This is a treatment that helps your hair to grow stronger and it reduces the rate of spill. This treatment is done by injecting plasma which is taken from your blood and is rich by platelets and Growth hormone to hair follicles.
Finasteride Treatment
This treatment helps to reduce hair loss after the operation and it is recommended as it does not cause any unwanted complications in terms of changing hormones.
Minoxidil Treatment
This treatment is used one month after the operation to strengthen weak hair and decrease hair loss by increasing blood circulation in the area.

Health World
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