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Beard Planting with FUE Technique

Beard is one of the styles that men use most in the fashion in recent years. While many famous brands use bearded models in catalog shootings, it is possible to see beard in the actors who come against the screen in our country and in the world. The beards, which are indispensable for charismatic men, bring sophisticated and intellectual stance. The beard is so popular in the male world that there are even sites with only bearded male photographs!

Men with beard and mustache problems are carried out by transferring the hair between the two ears to the beardless and mustache-free areas, one by one using the FUE method. It’s a different operation than hair transplant. As the channels opened in the beard and mustache cultivation are more sloping, the angle and orientation should be well adjusted. After 7-8 months you can shave or extend your beard that completes the process.



Which method is used for eyebrow transplantation ?
The most widely used method today is the Fue technique. With this method, hair roots suitable for eyebrows are taken one by one.
Who usually applies for eyebrow planting ?
More and more women apply for this procedure. In recent years, with the widespread use of thick eyebrow fashions, women who has been in bad terms with eyebrows because of the high plucking. Another group is from the art world. The prominent names of the community life, who frequently take shape and shape with pencils or tatuaj to give their eyebrows the shape they want, prefer this process intensively these days. The last group can be lthe ones osing their eyebrows due to trauma or burn.
Who decides how to make eyebrows ?
As a result of the examination with the patient, we decide how the person wants to have a eyebrow model. Of course, the patient’s opinion leads us here. We are transferring our experience to this process. As a result, everyone’s eyebrows and face do not match, so everyone will not look the same. By staying within the anatomical norms, we decide with the patient the shape of the eyebrow in the direction of the person’s request.
How long does it take the eyebrows to reach the desired length ?
The eyebrows start coming out about 2.5 months after they are planted, reaching the desired result after 7-8 months.
Are eyebrow planted natural ?
An eyebrow transplant made with artistic touches is not noticed. Successful achievement is achieved by adapting the team’s knowledge and experience to the physical conditions. Due to the location of the eyebrow and the direction of the hair, they are very different from each other. The angle of hair and eyebrows are also different from each other. The eyebrows are extracted at a narrow angle of 15-20 degrees while the hair comes out at a wider angle of 40-45 degrees. For this reason, it is necessary to make the hair at the same angle as the eyebrows during surgery. Eyebrows are not the same in every region of your face. For example; As the eyebrows are standing vertically near their nose in the middle of their face, they gradually become tilted and become parallel to the eyes as they emerge. For this reason, while opening the channels to be added hair; It creates channels by paying attention to both sides, and if the hair directions are adjusted accordingly, natural and indeterminate results are achieved.
Do eyebrows leave you again after eyebrow transplant ?
If the eyebrows are taken continuously, it may go away, and eyebrow transplantation may be done again to obtain a brow of desired shape density. Thickened eyebrows can be re-inflated to fit the pattern and if it is desired to thicken again after 3-5 years, it is possible to make eyebrow transplant. There is no problem in this.
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