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The eyebrows that we often plucked at times when fashion was so widespread, our eyebrows are either stinking or leaving us now. It is now easy to regain your old thick eyebrows. Nowadays, with the return of thick eyebrow fashions, it is possible to get your eyebrows back with only 1-2 hours. Eyebrow transplantation; is a process that needs experience because of the areas of planning, taking hair suitable for eyebrows, and transporting them with appropriate direction and angle to the eyebrows.



What method can be used in eyebrow transplantation?
The technique which is most commonly used in our day is the technique called FUE. The hair roots that are suitable for the eyebrow are individually extracted by this method.
Who generally applies for eyebrow transplantation?
The women mostly apply to this operation. Especially in recent years, becoming the thick eyebrow popular, based on lucking eyebrow mostly, the women whose eyebrows have been offended apply for this process. The other group is the art world. The leading names who have frequently shaped their eyebrow by the pencil or permed tattooing in order to shape their eyebrows as desired densely prefers this operation in these days. The last group is the persons who have lost their eyebrows base on trauma or burn.
Who decides how the eyebrow shape will be?
We together decide how the patient want an eyebrow shape after treatment. Of course, the patient’s opinion leads us. We, on the other hand, transfer our experience to him. Consequently, since everyone’s eyebrow and face structure is different, the same eyebrow will not fit to anyone. By remaining within the anatomic norms, in parallel with the person’s desire, we decide on eyebrow’s shape together with the patient.
How long will the length of eyebrow reach to length desired?
The eyebrows will start to grow almost 2.5 months after eyebrow transplantation and reach to the result desired after 7-8 months.
Will eyebrow transplantation results look completely natural?
Eyebrow transplantation done by artistic touches will be so natural. The knowledge and experience of the team will be accomplished by making the physical conditions suitable. Due to location of eyebrow and hair aspect, they show significant differences from each other. The angle of the hair and the angle of the eyebrow are different from each other. While the eyebrows grow with an angle with 15-20 degrees, the hairs grow with an angle with 40-45 degrees. Therefore, during the surgery, the hairs should be made with the same angle of the eyebrows. The eyebrows are not the same in each area of the face. For example; while the eyebrows stand upright near the nose in the middle of the face, they lean across the middle and be parallel with the eyes. Thereby, while canalizations where the hairs to be transplanted are opening, the channels are opened by considering both aspects and angles, and accordingly if the aspects of the hairs are adjusted and transplanted, natural and undefined results will be accomplished. After Hair world turkey new beginnings, you will feel secure and realize the privilege through our specialists in their field.
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